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Talking Dictionary 1036. Hate Makes The World Go Down


1036. She said, "You really hate those people, don't you?" He said, "What's not to hate? They're ugly. They're lazy. They're stupid. They're liars. They're thieves. Yet, they have attitude! They actually think they're better than everyone else." She said, "How many of them do you actually know?" He said, "Know? Why would I know them? I know all about them. My dad told me about them, just like his dad told him." She said, "They say hate destroys the cup that holds it." He said, "Not my cup. They also say spice is the variety of life. Well, hating those people is my spice—it fires me up. They also say there's a yin for every yang. So, I love my people, and I hate those people. Everyone hates something. You hate broccoli. What's the big deal? I keep it inside. They have no idea how much I hate them." 2.0


1036. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.