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Talking Dictionary 1035. Next‐Door Nay‐Brr


1035. Apparently, and unwittingly, Herman managed to offend his next‐door neighbor immediately upon moving into the building. Whenever their paths crossed, the man ignored Herman. Herman's building had a glass lobby door. Getting home late one night, Herman could see his neighbor waiting for the elevator. Herman loudly turned the key in the lobby door. His neighbor turned and saw him. The elevator door opened. In the short time it took Herman to get to the elevator, it was gone. Herman thought, I owe you one. A month later, Herman was waiting for the elevator. His neighbor was unlocking the lobby door. Herman smirked. The elevator door opened. Herman entered. His neighbor approached. The door started closing. Herman held it open. His neighbor didn't thank him. They rode to the sixth floor in silence. They walked to and unlocked their adjacent apartment doors in silence. Herman thought, I owe you two. 5.1


1035. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.