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Talking Dictionary 1027. Who Moved My Cheese?


1027. His wife said, "What's wrong now?" He said, "I'm in mourning. I bought some cheese a few weeks ago. A magazine article had said it was the best cheese in the world. So, I bought a very small piece—it was $50 a pound. I hope that cow is insured. Anyway, I brought it home to eat later. Then I forgot about it." His wife said, "How could you forget about it? It was right there in the fridge. I saw it myself." He said, "It was right there for a while, but then it started moving around. It eventually ended up in the loneliest, most remote spot on Earth known to mankind—the back of the fridge, where everything goes to change colors and die. My poor cheese was black and green. A fridge is a wonderful thing, mind you, but whoever invented it should've left out the back." 3.0


1027. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.