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Talking Dictionary 1025. Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows


1025. Quentin said, "Why are liberals even allowed to live in America? Liberals are just like communists. They're against everything America stands for. They want to give away everything we've worked hard for—give it away to every deadbeat in this country with his hand out. America is successful because it was built on conservatism, and it'll only stay successful if it sticks to its conservative roots." Maureen said, "Yes, America should never change. Conservatives are so afraid of change that they're still stuck in the '60s—the 1760s! Yet they don't mind changing the whole earth through continued use of killer fossil fuels. They're so stupid! Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if we end up having another Civil War—the Left versus the Right. And you're going to lose, so start packing!" The phone rang. Maureen said, "Yes, honey. Daddy's right here. He'll pick you up in a few minutes." 6.2


1025. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.