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Talking Dictionary 1024. Losta Lotsa Pasta


1024. Judith was on the phone with her husband. Craig said, "I'm steaming mad. I just got tricked again. Yesterday I bought six one‐pound boxes of Conzoni spaghetti because they were only a dollar each. I'm boiling some water now. After I took my usual pasta portion out of the box, there was only a little pasta left in the box. Usually there's two big portions. I scrutinized the box. I discovered 'Net Weight 10 Oz.' The Conzoni geniuses reduced the amount of pasta, but they didn't reduce the size of the box. That's box fraud! That's pasta purloinment!" Judith said, "Well, email Conzoni. I'm sure they'll apologize, or offer you a full refund, or maybe even a tour of their plant." Craig said, "Ha! How about none of the above? Well, I'll show them. I'm never buying any of their products again." She said, "Unless they're on sale." He grunted. 4.4


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