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Talking Dictionary 1019. Sash Clash For Sad Grad


1019. Mrs. Pormouth called the Texas high school. The principal, Mr. Watnow, answered. She said, "My Albert just told me that there are going to be 20 students wearing a National Honor Society sash with their gowns. The other 200 graduating students won't be wearing one. Albert says he'll feel humiliated because all the spectators will see him without a sash and figure that he's stupid. My son is not stupid; he's just lazy. This sash thing divides the graduating class into the Smarts and the Not‐so‐smarts. It's divisive. It's hurtful. The class should be one big, happy, united family. I say all the students should be allowed to wear the sash, not just the lucky ones." The principal sighed. "I've got one extra sash in my office. How about if I lend it to Albert, so he can wear it proudly? In fact, he can keep it." She said, "Yes!" 4.3


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