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Talking Dictionary 1018. Adam And Eve—What A Family!


1018. 'Twas a heavenly day. Michael said, "This is rich. Everybody—in every nation!—called him every name in the book, and he still got the nomination. What a crazy planet—one part awesome, nine parts awful." Gabriel said, "Amen, bro. Who'd a thunk? I'm hooked on Channel Seaven. Is it a soap opera or dope opera down there?" Michael said, "It's both!" They laughed as they high‐fived each other. Gabriel said, "They're killing themselves with pollution, religion, and derivatives. And they call it 'progress'!" Michael said, "Ten millennia of ups and downs. Remember when it all started?" Gabriel said, "Like it was yesterday! He said, Watch this. And we said, Watch what? Two humans holding hands in a garden?" Michael said, "And He said, Just wait. So we waited." Gabriel said, "Then we saw Monsieur Le Snake seal the deal, and since then it's been, Coney Island Cyclone—all aboard!" 4.1


1018. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.