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Talking Dictionary 1017. Worth Only $4B? What A Loser!


1017. Like millions of others, Neil and Art were talking about The Donald. Neil loved him; Art hated him. Neil said, "You've got to admire the guy. Forbes says he's worth $4 billion. How can you not admire a billionaire?" Art said, "There's a billion reasons. But one'll do—his daddy gave it to him!" Neil said, "C'mon! You know that's not true. His daddy lent him a million." Art said, "Whatever. The fact is, becoming a billionaire is a given when you've got a million‐dollar head start." Neil said, "Excuse me. Have you ever had $100?" Art said, "Of course." Neil said, "Have you ever had $400,000?" Art said, "Of course not. What's that got to do with anything?" Neil said, "Trump multiplied his million by 4,000. Why didn't you multiply your hundred by 4,000, if it's so easy?" Art said, "Because it's easy with a million, not a hundred." 4.3


1017. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.