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Talking Dictionary 1015. Make America Hate Again


1015. After Trump announced he was running for president in June 2015, a black guy shot a Latino cop and an Asian cop in Brooklyn. A white guy shot 12 moviegoers in a Colorado theater. A white supremacist shot six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. A Muslim psychiatrist shot 13 "infidel" soldiers in Texas. An Asian student shot 32 people on a Virginia campus. A 16‐year‐old boy shot nine other First Americans on a Minnesota reservation. A Latino shot his former supervisor and three ex‐coworkers in California. A black guy shot five ex‐coworkers—"racist devils"—in Florida. A white guy shot a white President in Washington, D.C. To a man, all the shooters, when asked Why?, said that Trump's candidacy had made them suddenly hate America, hate everything about it, and hate everyone in it. Had Trump never run, they all said, they never would have shot a soul. 9.2


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