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Talking Dictionary 1014. People Love People News


1014. She was all over TV and other media. Her daily feature, Global Gossip, revealed who was seen with whom and where, who was breaking up, who was showing a baby bump, and who was getting divorced. When there was no celebrity news, she made it up. When asked how she got into the business, she said, "It's real simple. Almost as soon as I could talk, I was a little gossip. In elementary school, I became the town tattler. At first, my parents and teachers said, 'Don't be such a tattletale. You should learn to mind your own business.' But then, they also kept saying, 'Tell me everything you've heard about SallyMay,' or JohnnyB, or whoever. I was getting two different messages, but the overpowering one was—Tell me more! So, here I am, 'Ruthie Rumor.' I live and breathe gossip, and I get to share it with the world!" 5.6


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