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Talking Dictionary 1011. You Can Count On Grandma


1011. She was the nicest person that any person could ever be. Her son Ike was with her when, at 95, she died at home. At the funeral, Ike's ex‐wife Grace took him aside. He hadn't talked to her since she divorced him five years after their wedding. She turned their daughter Julie against him, so Ike and Julie never talked either. Grace and Julie worked as waitresses at a 24‐hour truck stop. Grace said, "Did Mom leave the house to Julie?" Ike snorted. Her voice rose. "Do you know how many times I used to drag Julie over there to visit Mom? I always told Julie, right in front of Mom, 'Someday this beautiful house will be all yours, honey, because Grandma loves you so much. Isn't that right, Mom?' And Mom always nodded her head." Ike shook his head. Grace said, "Julie's been waiting all this time for nothing?!" 3.5


1011. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.