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Talking Dictionary 1010. MTA, Lower Your Tix$ For The Poor


1010. At a city council meeting, Thomas said, "One‐way bus rides and subway rides are $2.75 each. This is too much money for NYC's 800,000 poor people. The MTA should cut the ticket price in half for our poor—and keep it there. It's insult to injury when you have to pay top dollar to get to your minimum wage job. And MTA piles on the insults with its nearly annual price increases." Ned said, "That's a great idea for the poor, but it's a bad idea for the middle class. The less the poor have to pay for tickets—not to mention everything else!—the more the rest of us have to pay. Helping the poor is making us all poor." Thomas said, "That's okay. When we're all poor, we won't have the income inequality problem anymore. We'll all be in the same boat." Ned said, "Yeah—a sinking one." 5.1


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