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Talking Dictionary 1009. The World's Best Barber


1009. Debbie said, "My, don't you look different. Someone got himself a haircut." Doing a slow 360, Al said, "Thank you for noticing, although I didn't hear you say how nice it looks. I'll have to tell my barber about that. Maybe he's slipping." She said, "My apologies to your barber. Your haircut looks very nice." He said, "Thank you. It should. My barber is the world's greatest. He knows me like the back of his hand. He cuts my hair however I want, whenever I want. In fact, if I want a midnight haircut, he's there in a flash, like a genie. He never complains about the late hour either, and he never charges me for the house call. In fact, he never even charges me for the haircut." Debbie said, "Wow! He surely is one in a million. By the way, you missed a spot behind your left ear." 3.0


1009. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.