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Talking Dictionary 1008. Why He Loves His Friend


1008. Angelo said, "I love my friend Tim. Do you know why I love my friend Tim?" Nell said, "I'm all ears." Angelo said, "Whenever I talk to Tim, whatever I say, he just says 'huh.' He doesn't correct me, he doesn't edit me, he doesn't contradict me, he doesn't one‐up me, he doesn't judge me, he doesn't tell me that I should do this or do that. He just says 'huh.'" Nell said, "'Huh'? What's so lovable about that? Who wants to talk to someone who just says 'huh'? I had a psychiatrist who just said 'huh.' It drove me nuts. I was spending $100 an hour—a 50‐minute 'hour'—and all I was getting was an occasional 'How do you feel about that?' among hatfuls of 'huh.'" Angelo said, "There you go. Tim not only lends me his ear, but every hour I spend with him saves me $100." 3.6


1008. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.