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Talking Dictionary1006. Songs That Change Lives


1006. Leticia said, "Look here. Someone wrote a book titled 'Your Song Changed My Life.' So, tell me. What song changed your life?" Her husband Skip said, "That's pretty obvious—our wedding song. I went from being a happy, single guy to being an unhappy, married guy. If I ever meet the guy who wrote that song—" She said, "Poor you; Google 'divorce lawyers.' Now, tell me, what song changed your life?" He grunted. "No song changed my life! Whoever heard of such a thing? A book, yes. The Bible has changed a lot of lives. But a song? I've listened to hundreds of songs hundreds of times, but my life's totally unchanged—well, maybe my hearing's a little off. You taught me how to dance, so that's a little change, too. The title doesn't fly. The only way a song'll change your life—ask Irving—is if you write one!" 2.0


1006. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.