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Talking Dictionary1005. Garble‐Garble At Garble Square


1005. Lorna stood deep beneath Macy's, waiting for the B train to take her to Columbus Circle. The huge crowd was a sign that her train was due. She looked at her watch. The crowd grew. Suddenly, a woman's voice announced over the two‐cups‐and‐a‐string PA system, "Attention! There's a static with the static train. Static use the static train or static train instead of the static train." Few words were distinct. Scratches overpowered the rest. "Watson, come here!" was probably twice as clear. Lorna shook her head. A man standing next to her said, "Please, no understand." Although proud of being "a real New Yorker" and always eager to help visitors, Lorna had to admit, "I'm sorry, but I did not understand her either." He said, "No understand? You speak English. She speak English." Lorna said, "Yes, you're right. I speak English. She speak English. But the loudspeaker no speak English!" 3.9


1005. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.