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Talking Dictionary1004. EEO To Take Down Godzilla


1004. Ethan, a new hire at HRA, had already had problems with his supervisor, a six‐foot, 240‐pound ogre. One morning she told him to call his client. He said he would "in just a minute." She bellowed, "Ms. Greene, explain to Mr. Whyte what 'call your client' means!" He bellowed back, "I don't need a translation, Godzilla!" Godzilla wrote him up. The next day, Ethan sat opposite Godzilla in the office of the director, another hostile, heavy heap of herness, who said, "Yesterday you called her Godzilla, and then at exactly 11:47 a.m. today I heard you say 'you people.' I'm writing you up for that. What do you have to say for yourself?" He snorted. "Write me up all you want, Butterball! I think you're both closet racists, and that's why you've been riding me—an innocent white guy—since day one. I'm writing you two up—to EEO." 5.4


1004. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.