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Talking Dictionary1003. Unisex Toilets, Outfits 4 All


1003. A Bronx high school principal proposed unisex restrooms. He said, "America is all about freedom. Students should have the freedom to use whichever restroom they want. Signage saying Boys or Girls is sexist. Students don't feel comfortable doing their business in a sexist restroom." Approving his proposal, the board of education immediately established unisex bathrooms in all five boroughs. Encouraged, the principal had another bright idea. He proposed that graduating high school students all wear the same color cap and gown, because using purple gowns for males and white gowns for females "creates separateness rather than togetherness." The board quickly instituted his proposal. Inspired by the principal's ideas, Gotham's mayor announced three executive orders. One removed gender signage from all city agency restrooms, another banned the use of Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss when addressing or referring to city workers, and another required all city workers to wear beige uniforms. 9.9


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