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Talking Dictionary1000. Retiree Should Get A Job


1000. Daphne said, "What's the matter? You look down in the mouth." Her husband Niles said, "I am down in the mouth. I'm bored to death. Retirement isn't what I envisioned. I'm tired of walking around the block. I'm tired of reading the newspapers. I'm tired of watching TV. My life is so dull. Nothing ever happens to me. The local news is always about someone else. The lottery winners are always someone else. The mayor is always honoring someone else." She said, "Well, if you keep busy, you'll forget about how bored you are and how everything's always happening to someone else." He said, "I am keeping busy." She said, "I don't mean keeping busy reading the paper. I mean keeping busy cleaning out the gutters, trimming the hedge, painting the porch, mowing the lawn—the list goes on." He said, "That's not keeping busy. That's work. I'm retired, remember?" 4.0


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