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Talking Dictionary 100. A Mean Guy In School (2)


100. The mean guy knocked the book out of his hands. Then the mean guy took a seat near the back of the room. The skinny guy waited a minute. Then he got out of his seat. Head down, he hurried over to his book. He picked it up and hurried back to his seat. He didn't look around the room at all. The teacher walked into the classroom. The skinny guy felt better. His racing heart slowed down a beat or two. The mean guy suddenly stood up. He turned around. He shouted at the guy sitting behind him. "Stop looking at me!" "Who's looking at you?" the guy grumbled. "You are!" said the mean guy. "You're looking at the back of my head. I can feel it! You're asking for trouble!" The guy got up. He went to another desk. "Open your books to page 48," said the teacher. 1.3


100. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.