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Talking Dictionary98. A Killer House Cat


98. A dead bird was on the kitchen floor. Sam had left a "present" again. Sam was their black cat. He hunted at night. He was a good hunter. He brought home birds and lizards. Usually he left them outside on the patio. Sometimes he brought them into the house. Ted didn't mind. He was proud of his hunter cat. But Molly minded. "This cat is killing innocent animals," she told Ted. He said, "But that's the nature of cats. They're born killers." Molly didn't care. She told Ted to stop the killing. "These animals are wild," she said. "They might have diseases. Caroline might catch a disease from one of these dead animals. Do something, please." Caroline was their young daughter. Ted didn't want to lock Sam in the house at night. That would be cruel. There was only one thing to do. Ted tied a bell around Sam's neck. 1.8


98. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.