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Talking Dictionary97. Love Guides Her Day (2)


97. "How do you do this every day?" he asked his wife. "Real estate is such a dog‐eat‐dog business. All of you agents are competing with one another. A client is like a bone. All the dogs go after the bone. If they have to bite other dogs, so be it. The bone is all they care about. They're not your friends. They're friendly only if they want something from you. Some of your clients aren't much better. They say they'll meet you at 3:00 but don't show up until 3:30. Or they call you at 3:30 to say they'll be there at 4:00. Or they don't call you at all. Or they don't show up at all. You're on the computer for hours before and after work, looking for new listings. You work every weekend. How do you do this day after day?" She said, "I love you, that's how." 3.3


97. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.