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Talking Dictionary96. Love Guides Her Day (1)


96. He couldn't find work. His wife found work. She works for a real estate company. She goes to work every day. She borrows keys to vacant apartments. She takes pictures of apartments. She shows apartments to clients. She walks up and down stairs. She walks up and down city blocks. She puts up with the weather. She puts up with the heat, the cold, the rain, and the snow. She makes appointments for clients. She calls and emails clients. She returns calls and emails from clients. She asks clients why and when they want to move. She asks clients about their income and their credit. She fills out forms. She helps clients fill out forms. She loses a client here and gains a client there. She leaves home at 9:00. She comes home at 8:00. Then she makes dinner for both of them. After dinner, she goes right to sleep. 1.5


96. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.