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Talking Dictionary95. Here Comes The Bride!


95. Friday's royal wedding is all over the news. It's on every news channel in America. The handsome prince will marry the beautiful princess. He is so lucky! She is so lucky! Visitors to the United Kingdom this week will spend about $1.5 billion. The UK is so lucky! TV reporters in America talk about the wedding every day. The reporters are excited. They think the viewers are excited. Herman, 69, lives in Brooklyn. "I'm not excited," said Herman. "Two Brits are getting married in London. I should care because they're part of the royal family? Let's see these TV reporters get excited about local news that matters. They're closing the senior center for good next month. They had to cut something from the city budget. So they cut our senior center. Why haven't they reported that on the TV news? I'll tell you why—we seniors just aren't sexy enough." 5.8


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