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Talking Dictionary94. Angry Words For The Boss


94. Shy had gotten angry. He had said something mean to his supervisor. Many people say mean things to their supervisors. Most of them do not get fired. But Shy had gotten fired. "Exactly what did you say to your supervisor?" the lawyer asked. "I told her to kiss my ass," Shy said. "What's so bad about that?" Shy had worked for the company for many years. "She thinks I have an attitude problem," Shy said. "She's been there for five years. I've been there for 25 years. She's half my age. She's my supervisor. I should be her supervisor. Who wouldn't have an attitude problem?" The lawyer said Shy had a good case. He'd had good evaluations for 25 years. They couldn't fire him for just one remark. They could fire him only if he had a history of bad remarks. He said he'd be happy to take Shy's case. 2.6


94. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.