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Talking Dictionary93. Superman At The Driving Range (2)


93. "Are these balls defective?" Superman asked. Arnie shook his head. "Look around. Look at all these golfers hitting balls," Arnie said. "Do you see any balls bursting into flames?! No, it isn't defective balls, Superman. It's you! You're too powerful." Superman asked, "Well, what can I do? I like hitting golf balls. It's fun! Do they make steel golf balls? Maybe they won't burst into flames." Arnie said, "No. Even if they did make steel golf balls, they'd probably melt once you hit them. I'm sorry. Golf isn't a game for a superman. It's a game for ordinary men." Superman frowned. He thanked Arnie for his help. Then he flew away. The next day, an ordinary‐looking man appeared at the driving range. He was wearing glasses and a nice suit. "Hi," the man said to Arnie. "Can you teach me how to play golf? My name is Kent—Clark Kent." 2.0


93. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.