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Talking Dictionary84. Jury Duty Near Chinatown (2)


84. "I believe so, but I don't think so," he said. She said, "You're telling me two different things. Go to 60 Centre Street, Room 139, please." Another man was also confused. "Where do you live, sir?" she asked. He said his post office box was in Manhattan, but he lived in Brooklyn. "You don't live in your post office box, sir. You live in Brooklyn. You can't serve on a Manhattan jury," she said. Another man wanted to know how long trials lasted. "I can't tell you, sir," she said. "Each trial is different. Some last only a day or two. Some last a lot longer." When she finished with all the questions, she told everyone, "If you don't get selected for a jury today or tomorrow, you can go home tomorrow afternoon. Your jury service will be over." Many jurors murmured in approval. A few even clapped and cheered. 3.7


84. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.