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Talking Dictionary82. Small Bedrooms For Big Bucks


82. It was a $1.5 million apartment on the West Side. An agent was showing the apartment to a tall man and his wife. Luke and Jenna walked into the apartment. They were also looking. The master bedroom was small. This was the smallest two‐bedroom apartment they had seen. Yet it was the most expensive. The agent asked, "Well, what do you think?" Jenna said, "Well, the bedrooms are a little small." The agent said, "I'm sorry. I was asking them." The tall man said, "Yeah, who are you?" Luke said, "She's my wife. She's looking at this apartment just like you are. Who are you?" The tall man said, "Who am I? Who are you?" Luke said, "I'm her husband. Who are you to ask who am I? Or who is she? She can't have an opinion about this apartment? It's too small and too much. Go ahead—buy it!" 2.1


82. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.