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Talking Dictionary80. No More Ultimate Fighting


80. Ben was watching Ultimate Fighting on TV. In Ultimate Fighting, two fighters fight inside a cage. The 8‐sided cage is about 30 feet across. The cage is almost six feet high. The fighters are barefoot and shirtless. They wear fingerless gloves. They punch, kick, and wrestle each other. Fighters get one minute to rest between each 5‐minute round. The fights are nonstop action. Sometimes blood is everywhere. Ben's wife walked into the room. "What are you watching?" she asked. He told her. She watched it for a minute. "Why are you watching this? This is so stupid," she said. "What is the point? I would never let anyone in our family do this. They could get injured for life. How can this be on TV? Who watches stuff like this? Do you really like this? I thought I knew you. You are so weird. Maybe we should get a divorce." 2.1


80. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.