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Talking Dictionary79. Invest $2 In The Lottery (2)


79. John went to a newsstand Monday evening. He was standing in line to buy seven Mega Quick Picks. But as he got to the front of the line, he decided to buy a Snickers bar. He took a step to his left to grab the candy bar. The guy in line behind John stepped up to the counter. The guy handed the vendor $5 for five Mega Quick Picks. That was a little rude, John thought. He bought his Quick Picks and his Snickers. Tuesday morning, he made copies of the Quick Picks. He gave copies to his coworkers. Tuesday night, one of their Quick Picks won. John and his coworkers won $19.1 million each. John told his coworkers about the guy and the five Quick Picks. "Thank goodness you have a sweet tooth," said Mort. "And thank goodness that guy was impatient. And thank goodness you lent me $2!" 3.0


79. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.