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Talking Dictionary75. Halos On Parallel Earth


75. On Parallel Earth, everyone knows who the good guys are. Everyone knows who the bad guys are. On Parallel Earth, everyone has two colored halos over his head. Newborns have two blank halos. As people grow older, they do and say good things and bad things. The more good things they do, the more one halo fills with the color green. The more bad things they do, the more the other halo fills with the color red. People cannot hide their true colors. Their colorful halos tell all. Marilu's halos were green and blank. Marvin asked, "Why don't you have any red in your other halo? Haven't you ever done or said anything bad?" Marilu said, "Of course I have. One time I borrowed a pencil from my best friend. I forgot to return it. She had to remind me the next day." Marvin asked, "That's what you consider 'bad'?" 3.5


75. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.