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Talking Dictionary73. A Food Pill For The Future


73. It is the future. People have eaten most of the animals and fish. The oceans contain little more than salt. Most pets have been eaten. The tired soil produces few fruits, vegetables, and grains. People worldwide have been dying of hunger. Researchers finally created a food pill. Its ingredients include carbon dioxide, hydrogen, hemp, and soy. They "activate" the pill with lasers. Each activated pill not only contains all the essential nutrients, calories, and fiber, but it makes people feel full. They swallow one pill daily. It has no taste. People hate it. The Earth Food Network president said, "This pill is better than nothing. It saves lives! Everyone knows that we were eating too much of everything, but everyone continued to eat. If we let all the animals and plants reproduce naturally for another 1,000 years or so, they'll come back. Then we can all eat real food again." 5.4


73. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.