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Talking Dictionary70. The Camera Manual Is No Help


70. Roger's job requires him to take pictures of apartment interiors. A wide‐angle lens is best for taking these pictures. Roger bought a new camera with a wide‐angle lens. He took the camera home. He read the manual. The manual said nothing about how to set up the wide‐angle! He went back to the camera shop. He asked a worker how to set up the camera for wide‐angle. The worker showed him. He said, "Go to Function. Set the camera on S. S is wide‐angle. It also uses fewer pixels, so you can put your pictures online quickly." Roger went to four apartments. He took 43 pictures. He uploaded them to his office computer. Not a single picture was wide‐angle. Roger asked a coworker for help. "Why is it on S? S stands for small!" she said. "You have to set the camera on W—W for Wide. It's so obvious!" 4.1


70. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.