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Talking Dictionary68. Take These Ugly Ties Back!


68. He bought some ties at Daffy's. Marked "Final Sale," they were only $15 each. Originally, they were $100 each. Who would pay $100 for a tie, he wondered. He bought five of them. He went home. He showed them to his wife. She didn't like any of them. "But they're worth $100 each," he said. She said, "I don't care if they're worth $1,000 each. They're ugly! I won't go anywhere with you in those ties." He went back to Daffy's. He went to the Returns counter. He showed the ties and the receipt to the worker. He said he wanted to exchange the ties. She said, "I'm sorry. No returns, no exchanges." He asked, "What do you mean? I just bought these ties this morning." She said, "Look at this receipt. What does it say at the bottom?" He looked. It said, "No returns or exchanges if Final Sale." 2.1


68. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.