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Talking Dictionary67. Why Is The Teacher Late?


67. Students were sitting on the floor in the hallway. The teacher was late. This was the last class meeting. It was a Sunday class that met from 9 to 4. "I hope class isn't cancelled," said Otto. "I don't want to come back next Sunday." A few students nodded their heads in agreement. James said, "I asked downstairs if anyone has a key to our classroom. But no one does." Students talked to each other or read while they waited. The teacher arrived 45 minutes late. He unlocked the classroom door. Everyone went in. "Did you know there's a big half‐marathon today?" the teacher asked. "I didn't. Why wasn't it on the news last night or this morning? I apologize. If I had known, I would have just taken the subway. Instead, I got stuck in unbelievable traffic." A student asked, "Does this mean we won't have a test today?" 3.0


67. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.