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Talking Dictionary65. A Bucket Of Chicken (2)


65. The worker had no idea what Josh was talking about. He walked back outside to check the sign in the window. Yes, it said Family Pack $12. He walked back inside. He waited for the person in front of him to get her order filled. Then he told the worker about the sign again. She called the manager over. He said yes, there was a Family Pack for $12. Relieved, Josh ordered it. The manager asked whether he wanted Extra Crispy, Original, or Grilled chicken. Josh didn't know which one his wife preferred. He ordered a mix of all three. Then he changed his mind. His wife was a health nut. He said Grilled. The worker filled a big bag with all the food. Josh went home. His wife asked him what took so long. She didn't wait for his answer. "I hope you got the Original chicken," she said. 2.5


65. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.