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Talking Dictionary63. A Stolen Baby


63. Ada was lonely. She wanted a baby. She went to a hospital. She stole a baby. She called her baby Norma. When she got older, Norma asked, "Where is my daddy?" Ada said that "daddy" had died. Norma asked, "What did daddy look like?" Ada showed Norma a picture of "daddy." Norma asked, "Why don't I look like you or daddy?" Ada said that she didn't know. Norma thought something was fishy. She thought she was a missing child. She did a lot of research. She made a lot of phone calls. She found out who her real parents were. She called them up. They couldn't believe it. Their little girl had found them after 20 years! They were so happy. Ada apologized to them. She was sorry she had stolen their baby. Norma's parents didn't accept Ada's apology. They said Ada should go to jail for a long time. 2.5


63. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.