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Talking Dictionary61. Let It Snow, Let It Snow


61. A storm dumped 20 inches of snow on New York City. Kids loved the snow. Commuters hated it, especially commuters who drove cars. Snowplows pushed the snow off main city streets. But they pushed the snow up against parked cars. Elton's car was on a street in Brooklyn. A snowplow had pushed a huge pile of snow against the side of his car. He grabbed his snow shovel. He started digging his car out. He put the snow back into the street. A cop drove by. He told Elton that it was illegal to put snow into the street. He said it was a $100 fine. Elton said, "I need to get to work. Where else can I put this snow? Where else can my neighbors put it? Are they going to fine all of us?" The cop drove off. Elton continued to put the snow back into the street. 2.0


61. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.