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Talking Dictionary58. The Seat Was Down Earlier


58. The apartment doorbell rang. Two men were there to clean out the kitchen and bathroom vents. Lou invited them in. One man took a ladder into the bathroom. The other man took a ladder into the kitchen. They removed the vent grills from high on each wall. They stuck a vacuum hose into the vents and sucked out the dirt. One man washed both vent grills in the kitchen sink. The men replaced the grills. Lou was talking to the man in the kitchen. He forgot about the man in the bathroom. The man in the kitchen finished. He took his ladder outside. The other man appeared. He also carried his ladder out. They both said goodbye. Lou went back to the bathroom. Why was the door closed, he wondered. He opened the door. He looked at the toilet. The seat was up. Had that guy peed in his bathroom? 2.0


58. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.