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Talking Dictionary57. A Dog's Life


57. The weather was ugly. It was snowing. It was only nine degrees above zero. Cars, streets, and sidewalks were covered with snow. Bob was on the phone. "Have you ever seen a colder day?" Bob asked. "Not recently," replied Jack. "But about three years ago, I did. It was so cold that my dog froze outside. I had let it out back to do its business. Then I went back inside my house. My mom called. Her heater was not working. She was freezing. I went over to her house. I fixed her heater. I went home. Then I remembered my dog. I went to the back door. I opened it. My little dog was on the porch. It wasn't moving. I brought it inside. It was ice cold. I wrapped it in a blanket. I breathed into its mouth and pumped its little chest. But it was too late." 1.0


57. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.