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Talking Dictionary56. A Senior Discount At The Movies


56. "You lied," she said. "I just read that seniors must be 65 or over. You are only 63. Yet when we went to the AMC theater, you got the senior discount. You told the woman you were a senior. You lied to get a $4 discount." He said that a "senior" could be different ages. Usually, a senior must be 65 or older. But the AMC theater allows seniors to be only 62. "Are you lying now?" she asked. He said to give him just one minute. He called the AMC theater on 34th Street. He used the speakerphone. A woman answered. He asked, "Do you give discounts for seniors?" She said yes. "How old must a senior be?" he asked. She said 62. He smiled. "You owe me an apology and a kiss," he told his wife. "I'm so sorry," she said. Then she gave him a big kiss. 2.8


56. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.