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Talking Dictionary54. A Grocery Mystery (2)


54. Ray watched as the total price increased on the cashier's computer screen. He decided to buy more grapes. He walked over to the fruit section. He filled a bag with grapes. He returned to the cashier. She rang up the grapes. The grand total was $35. That was much more than he had expected. He paid her. She gave him his receipt. He took the N train and his groceries home. Once home, he put his groceries away. Then he looked at his receipt. Each item had a name, price, and weight. One item had no name and no weight. That one item cost $13.10. What was it? He'd bought nothing that cost $13.10. He thought back. A man had been in line right behind him. He had placed an item on the counter. Had the cashier accidentally rung up that item with Ray's groceries? If so, where was it? 2.4


54. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.