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Talking Dictionary53. A Grocery Mystery (1)


53. It was Ray's first visit to the store. It was on a busy street in Chinatown. The vegetables looked fresh. The store also sold fruit, meat, and fresh fish. It sold different kinds of noodles. It was a small store, but it looked clean. An employee smiled at him and said hello. If the prices were right, he might start shopping here regularly. He grabbed a handful of plastic bags. He put different vegetables into each bag. He grabbed some red grapes for his wife. He put the bags on the counter next to the cashier. He told her he would be back. He grabbed a package of noodles. He put sweet potatoes and cucumbers into separate bags. He went back to the counter. There were now about ten bags on the counter. The cashier asked if he was ready. He said he was. She started ringing up the items. 2.9


53. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.