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Talking Dictionary51. The Subway Talker


51. They got on the crowded subway train. They sat down on the plastic seat. They sat next to a man. He was an old man. He was talking. He was talking to himself. He looked at them. He raised his voice. "You're not smart," he said. "Did you hear me? Did you hear what I said? You think you're so smart." He smelled of alcohol. He was holding something. It was in a small paper bag. "Let's move," Natalie whispered. Adrian agreed. They got up. They walked about 20 feet away. They found another seat. "This is better," she said. "He smelled bad." Adrian nodded. "Oh, no," she said. "What's wrong?" Adrian asked. "I think he's coming our way," she said. The man was walking toward them. He sat down across from them. "See? You're not smart," he said. "You think you're so smart. But I found you, didn't I?" 0.8


51. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.