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Talking Dictionary50. But We're In Love!


50. They decided to knock off her mom. But how would they do it? They didn't have a gun. A knife was too bloody. A baseball bat might work. But all of these were murders. They might go to jail. It had to be an accident. Then they wouldn't go to jail. What kind of accident? Drowning in the bathtub? Falling down the stairs? They decided on a fire. They would burn the house down. They waited until her mom was asleep. They lit a candle. They put the candle next to the living room drapes. The drapes caught on fire. They ran out of the house. A neighbor smelled smoke. The firemen came. They rescued her mom. Later, a policeman questioned the girl. She admitted they had set the fire. "Why?" the policeman asked. "Mom wouldn't let me date Jason anymore," she said. She was 12. Her boyfriend was 15. 1.6


50. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.