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Talking Dictionary48. Snow Globe Collector


48. "Take a look at my new snow globe. The Empire State Building is inside. It was on sale," said Marvin. Of course it was on sale, Janice thought. Her dad rarely bought anything that wasn't on sale. "Where is it?" she asked. He said it was on the bookshelf. She was surprised. She thought there was no room on any of the bookshelves. "There wasn't," Marvin said. "I think there are about 50 other globes on the bookshelves. I had to take some books off that shelf." Janice said, "Maybe it's time you stopped buying globes." But Marvin liked snow globes. "Besides, they'll make nice memories for you. You'll have something to remember me by," Marvin said. "They're junk, Daddy!" she said. "I don't want them. I'm just going to throw them all out." Marvin said, "Well, that's what you say now. But you'll change your mind after I'm gone." 1.5


48. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.