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Talking Dictionary45. What Size Do You Wear?


45. He asked his wife what size pants she wore. "I don't know," Annie said. "I bought all my pants in China. Sizes are different in America." They went downtown to Century 21. They took the escalator to the third floor. She asked a worker where women's dress pants were. "They're at the far end of the store," the worker said. Annie told the worker she didn't know what size pants she wore. "Let me look at you. You look like a Petite," said the worker. "Go to the Petite section. You'll find something there that fits you." Annie thanked her. "Let's go," she said to her husband. He was smiling. "What's so funny?" she asked. "Have you seen your bottom lately?" he asked. "I think that woman was being polite. Maybe we should look for the Not So Petite section." Annie said, "Maybe you should look for the sofa tonight." 2.2


45. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.