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Talking Dictionary44. An Island Full Of Animals


44. The island had many trees and animals. One day, many people in small boats came to live on the island. They went into the woods. They hunted the animals. They killed many animals the first six months. "Maybe we are killing too many animals," said Jacob. The others laughed. "Do you see the stars that shine tonight? There are more animals than there are stars," Abraham said. But every year they had to hunt a longer time than the year before. Every year they saw fewer animals. Every year Jacob said, "Maybe we are killing too many animals." Every year Abraham said, "There are more animals than there are stars. They have learned how to hide from us. They know we want to eat them." One day they returned from hunting. They had hunted for a week. They had killed just one animal. "We must find another island," said Abraham. 3.7


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