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Talking Dictionary40. "That Was Easy!"


40. He was at the Staples checkout counter. A red and white plastic "button" was on the counter. It was about five inches in diameter. On top of its plastic dome was the word "Easy." He asked the clerk, "What's this?" She said, "That's the Easy button." He asked, "What's it for?" She said, "Press down on it." He pressed down on the dome. He heard, "That was easy!" He pressed down again. Again, he heard, "That was easy!" He asked, "Is that it? Does it say anything else?" She said, "No, that's all it says. Do you want to buy one?" He said, "Buy one? This thing costs money?" She said, "It's only $5." He said, "$5!? Why would anyone pay $5 for this?" She said, "They see the button on our TV commercials. They think it's cute." He said, "But it doesn't do anything!" She said, "But it's cute!" 0.9


40. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.