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Talking Dictionary39. The Last Stop


39. The Staten Island train ride was about an hour. There were about 20 stops. The view for most of the ride was trees and houses. The train finally arrived at Tottenville, the last stop. Tom said to Jerry, "Let's explore this town." A young woman spoke up. "Don't bother," she said. "There's nothing to see, nothing to do." Jerry asked, "There's nothing in the whole town?" She said, "What 'whole town'? There isn't even a whole town." Jerry laughed. "I'll bet you grew up here," he said. She nodded and got off the train. Jerry and Tom got off after her. Jerry said, "My two kids used to say the same thing about our small town in Vermont. But there was plenty to do and see there. I'll bet there's plenty in Tottenville, too." Tom said, "I'll bet we can find a bar or restaurant called The Last Stop, too." 2.1


39. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.